Rockstar Brings Down Online Services in Solidarity

A short while ago, Rockstar Games tweeted in solidarity with the recent protests and Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd, a US citizen murdered at the hands of police.

They will be taking down GTA Online and Red Dead Online for 2 hours today during the following timezones:
2pm-4pm ET
7pm-9pm UK

Silence or going dark has been used as a mark of respect and a strong symbol of protest for many years. Much respect goes to Rockstar for joining a cause that is likely close to their hearts.

They also tweeted out a link to where we can find links to help; they have very likely donated themselves as Rockstar have been known to be quietly charitable to several organisations in the past. You can also check out this site if you’re not sure how to get involved.

Love and peace to all. F**k racism.