“Cosplaying” Other Characters in Rockstar Games

At this point and nowadays, I assume everyone knows what cosplaying is. One takes a favourite character from a TV show, film, anime or videogame and dresses or even acts like them for a period of time to show their fandom and admiration, especially true at conventions. It’s a neat little thing that I think is a great way to show off how much you adore a character or identify with them.

The last couple massive Rockstar games have a relatively wide choice of clothing (and even if there isn’t anything good enough, people get creative!), and, as such, some fans try their hand at making their Red Dead or GTA Online characters inspired by another character or person of their liking.

Over the past few months I have seen some very interesting attempts on both Twitter and Reddit alike, and I thought why not showcase some of what the Rockstar community is coming up with?

The Scooby Doo Gang in RDR2

If you, like me as a kid, used to watch and even binge the Hanna-Barbera classic then I think you’ll like this one. Redditor of /r/RedDeadFashion and known Rockstar community member Zoobz has attempted to recreate the whole crew!

Ashe from Overwatch in RDR2

Appropriately enough, Redditor Powerlato from the /r/RedDeadFashion subreddit apparently “accidentally” made a character that strikes an amazing resemblance to the hero Ashe from Overwatch who is also an outlaw! Someone now needs to try to recreate B.O.B, or the whole of the Deadlock gang… Good luck with that one.

Frank Ocean’s “blond” Album Pose in GTA V

GTAForums member LL Cool L made a pretty nice version of Frank Ocean’s “blond” album cover with his GTA Online character. You may say it’s basic but I think it’s pretty cool how close it is just using the game as a tool.

Walter White from Breaking Bad in GTA V

Walter White is a bit of an easy recreation in GTA – you have the desert, the RV’s, the meth business… Just not sure if Trevor would like the fierce competition. Twitter user @yamada_tarou211 took a shot at it and I’d say it’s pretty damn fine given the character creator choices – he was the one who knocked.

Agent 47 from Hitman in RDR2

Redditor captsplatter from the RedDeadFashion subreddit made an amazing recreation of Agent 47 from the Hitman games, ready for a killing, and probably just blending in waiting to strike. A much different time where Diana would probably just be hoping he survived after each mission with no communication…

Chloe Price from Life is Strange in GTA V

Well that’s an obvious personal choice isn’t it? (spoiler – I’m a massive Life is Strange fan) GTAForums user Velum tried their hand at it, and even went to the detail of going to the lighthouse, the only one in GTA V, to make up for the lack of a big mountain with one on top like the Arcadia Bay lighthouse. Just brings back feels for that ending.

The Techno Viking in RDR2

The Techno Viking was an absolute sensation in the mid 2000’s and one of the earliest viral videos on YouTube, and I’m actually surprised anyone still remembers the guy enough to try to recreate him! Redditor Hymoller sure does, and it’s a pretty good one.

There’s plenty, plenty more out there in the community, but I personally think we’d need like 10 articles just to highlight most of the good ones, so this is just a small selection of the ones I liked from my browsing sessions and from what I had seen before. Might do one of these again.