Robbery & Home Invasion / Compulsive Shopping

IGN and Gamespot have released two new previews, with a selection of brand new screenshots. IGN focused on compulsive shopping, whilst Gamespot featured a guide to robbery and home invasion.

  • CJ can play basketball to keep fit.
  • The better CJ looks, the more positive comments he’ll recieve from passing pedestrians, and the more respect he’ll earn.
  • After gaining a certain level of respect, you can wear gang colors.
  • Whilst wearing gang colours will increase your respect level from fellow gang members, rival gangs and police will identify you much quicker, and attack.
  • Some missions require you to wear particular clothing, in order to succeed.
  • You can keep all of the clothes that you buy. This can be done by searching through your closet in the safe house. This also gives you the ability to mix and match different clothing.

IGN also released 7 brand new screenshots. Be sure to check them out here.

  • CJ can break into homes, steal valuables, and sell them to a fence.
  • Robbing homes is almost like the new “R3” missions. Holding down the right analog stick, when in the necessary vehicle(s), will toggle these missions.
  • You can purchase a ski mask or a balaclava for robbing homes. (Both are available for purchase at a local sporting shop, for a reasonable price).
  • You’ll be able to obtain better and more expensive goods at rich homes in Vinewood/Rodeo, although robbing smaller homes, is much easier, and not as risky.
  • Robbery missions may only take place at night.
  • If you rob a home during the middle of the night, chances are you’ll find the owner sound asleep. If not, make sure he doesn’t get to his telephone and call the police. You can also enter homes through the window.
  • As soon as you equip yourself with a ski mask or balaclava, you’ll enter into a sneaking mode, causing you to move about more quietly than usual.
  • Whilst robbing, a noise meter will appear, and should that meter reach a certain level, you’ll have some very un-wanted attention coming your way.
  • Rockstar confirmed that San Andreas will feature some new audio technology, making for realistic contextual audio distortions.

Be sure to check out the batch of screenshots that Gamespot released, here. Remember to read more for a more in-depth summary of the shopping areas in Los Santos.

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Los Santos contains a number of different retailers:

A discount store located a few blocks away from CJ’s cul-de-sac in Orange Grove Families’ territory, Binco offers a selection of cheap utilitarian clothing for the consumer with low cost in mind. Unfortunately, most of the people in the Grove will be wearing the clothes that are sold here; as they’re really one of the only places that offer affordable clothing choices for Carl’s neighborhood. Plaid shirts, khakis, and low-end sneakers are pretty much what you can expect to find when shopping here, and it will likely be the first place CJ goes when deciding to wear his gang colors for the very first time. In an interesting twist, the locals will actually respect you more when wearing clothes of this type around the neighborhood.

Located near the Towers in Ganton, SubUrban offers a full line of clothing brands like Mercury and Base 5. Obviously different from what Binco offers, the threads in SubUrban favor the popular name brand apparel that’s more common among the city’s middle class citizens. Sadly, the store is located right in the middle of Ballas territory and is frequented by members of that gang’s crowd (since the Ballas are more successful than the Orange Grove Families at the start of the game, their tastes are obviously a little more expensive). Players who shop at SubUrban will get a lot more respect from people than if they had shopped at Binco’s, but you’ll only be able to pick up a few items here for the same price you could an entire wardrobe back in your own neighborhood. Don’t expect to splurge on the loose fitting casual wear here until after you’ve completed several of your missions first.

A popular Big 5-like athletics dealer, ProLaps is located right in the middle of Downtown Los Santos. The clothing that’s sold here is definitely more form fitting and is ideal to show off CJ’s body if he works out a lot. Shorts, hats, expensive kinds of sneakers, and more specific items like motorcycle helmets, boxing headgear, and hockey masks are all acquired here. If players are afraid that they’ll look too much like a gang member, this is the best place to shop. As not only are the clothes more mainstream and popular than most others in San Andreas, but they’re also expensive — which could mean more respect points if you make the right decision. Take note, however, that you’ll probably need a rather athletic build to pull them off.