Rank Up Week in Red Dead Online

Rockstar are practically holding our hands while we level up this week in Red Dead Online as we see triple XP arrive for all Land of Opportunities Missions, Free Roam Missons and Free Roam Events.

You may have already had a run through or two of these missions in your past play, or maybe you’re a new player, but either way there’s no excuse to miss out on meeting up with Mrs Badass herself, Sadie Adler, and climb that level ladder along the way.

For discounts, we’ve got 50% off Fast Travel to make our dollars go a little further as we spread ourselves across the map, 50% off Ability Cards and 40% off all coats, shirts, boots and hats.

And last but not least, John’s Hair Crew and Insane Clown Posse look away now… all haircuts, make-up and dental work is Free at the salon this week.

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