High Octane Action in the Skies this Week in GTA Online

This week, expect the skies in GTA Online to be filled with pilots doing their thing, because this week is the week they can shine!

If you’re too afraid of heights and of high speeds, you may choose to glide in an Ultralight – it’s free this week!

Fancying some Capture the Flag-like action except it’s in the sky? Play Stockpile this week for 3x the RP and GTA$, get competing!

If your cargo warehouse is also still full from all that grinding years or months ago, it’s no problem, because Rockstar are also offering double rewards on all air cargo sales until July 15th. Dust off the Cargobob and its hooks, cause it’s time to haul!

For those who still, for some reason, haven’t learned to fly, they can get double the rewards at the Los Santos Airport Flight School.

Feeling Lucky?

This week’s casino podium vehicle is the Dewbauchee Vagner, so if you’re in need of a sports car, you can try your luck, or, alternative, get clothing 3 times in a row like me last time. Guess that’s why they call it bad luck games.

Misc. Discounts

You can also find many miscellaneous discounts this week on both property and vehicles, such as:

  • 50% off Hangars and their upgrades;
  • 50% off Garage Properties;
  • 40% off the FH-1 Hunter;
  • 30% off the Progen T20;
  • 40% off the LF-22 Starling;
  • 40% off the Western Rogue;
  • 40% off the RM-10 Bombushka;
  • 30% off the Pegassi Osiris;
  • 30% off the Coil Rocket Voltic;
  • 30% off the Declasse Scramjet;

Community Highlights!

Thanks to the immense GTA V/Online snap community, we can always get some amazing shots of each of those vehicles, classic or new:

PlayStation Plus Bonuses

Remember if you’re on PS4 and have a PS Plus subscription to get those bonuses until GTA V on next-gen releases – GTA$ 1 million until the release of GTA V on PS5!