Power Unlimited Magazine Preview Summary

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In this month’s dutch Power Unlimited magazine, many new features and items have been outlined for GTA: San Andreas. Dan Houser has brought much to our attention, and more details will be coming over the following months. That is certain.

Make sure to press READ MORE, there’s news about multiplayer of all things!


Sadly, we will have to wait for yet another Grand Theft Auto game to see if multiplayer comes along. “We would have to give up too many things,” said Mr. Houser. “Online games are great but not suitable for GTA because of its vast gameplay”. For those of you hoping for a quick San Andreas follow up, you may stop holding your breath now. “We are not working on a next GTA. Finishing GTA-SA and then take a well earned holliday is ‘our’ prime objective. For now SA is like the last thing ever to be published.”

Guess this was somewhat expected as Rockstar has no intention of making another “slice of GTA pie” as was with GTA3/Vice/San Andreas. I guess the next GTA will be going toward the PlayStation3, and will be something completely different.


  • Los Santos, the in-game version of Los Angeles, is to be placed on the lower-right side of the game map.
  • For all you graphics critics out there, RockStar has yet another feature that is completely new; corrosion of cars.
  • Walls, even more-so than in Vice City, are expected to be highly detailed.
  • Even though many were suspect to this, differing slang and dialects will be present in the game. This suggests the presence of ebonics as well.
  • Country music is still unconfirmed, but suspected to be in the game. This genre of music might just include ‘Achy-Breaky-Heart’. Lets hope not.
  • In the barbershop, you won’t find yourself only getting haircuts; Power Unlimited has told that it will also be a place for buisness. Maybe it will be a front for some illegal activities.
  • Haircuts will be costing money in the game.
  • Advanced order placing for pizza will be present. You can order a small slice of pizza with a drink, up to a full rack with everything on it.
  • There are now more ways to steal a car; we still don’t know exactly how, but we are waiting on it.
  • Drive by shooting will also be advanced. Having already known of the four-person drive-bys, this next update shall not come as a surprise. Each drive-by member will be able to select their own individual targets.
  • The manhunt aiming system will also be present in a counter-attack on cop raids in a hotel against your apparent boss. This one particular mission seems jam-packed with an action sequence, with more details at GTAForums.
  • In an interview with Dan Houser, many interesting details emerged. Apparently in San Andreas, differing from the Grand Theft Auto games of the past, your moral values will determine if you do ‘good’ or ‘evil’. This time it’s up to you.

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