Mysterious Female Character

With the recent release of Play Magazine we have been delivered a scattering of whole new information to get us even more hungry for the release of San Andreas. One of the more intriguing facts released was that there will be a mysterious female character found in San Andreas from a past GTA title.

CJ’s forest hideout (or at least one of them) is also home to an as yet unamed female character. We’re told we’ll be pleasantly suprised when we find out exactly who she is. Apparently she’s from a previous GTA….

Play Magazine

Who could this female character from past GTA’s be? A few names come to mind, some of these include Asuka Kasen, Maria, Mercedes Cortez and even Misty. Some information points us in the direction that Catalina is the mysterious women hiding out in San Andreas.

Asked why they thought she was now living in Liberty City, our sources said, “We raided her apartment last week in one of those funny towns down south with a Spanish name, Los Something or other, or San Somebody, and we found a ticket with a flight to Francis International Airport.

Liberty Tree

Not even Play Magazine know who this mysterious female is as they claim that while they had their San Andreas demonstration another player model was used in replacement. Who could this mysterious female be?