Niko in your San Andreas

For those of you who simply can’t wait for your next instalment, over on the forums Nebuk has developed a fully-functional Niko Bellic to replace CJ in San Andreas, and myster92 has created a version of the blue Classique Stallion as seen in the IV trailers. Installation is simple, all you need is a legal and working copy of San Andreas installed on your PC

First Details Emerge – Victor Vance as Main Character

(View the full scans/screens/info etc. here) Chris Stead (editor of GamePro Australia) has just informed users at that his magazine will have all of the first details (plus shots) of GTA:VCS when it goes on sale tomorrow. Fortunately, JarJar was able to get his hands on an early copy. Here is a detailed summary of the preview: The main character is Victor Vance, Lance’s

Mysterious Female Character

With the recent release of Play Magazine we have been delivered a scattering of whole new information to get us even more hungry for the release of San Andreas. One of the more intriguing facts released was that there will be a mysterious female character found in San Andreas from a past GTA title. CJ’s forest hideout (or at least