GTAV Online Previews start November 12th

While Game Informer’s world exclusive preview on Grand Theft Auto V hits the digital newsstand later today, two publications in the Netherlands have tweeted that they will publish their own previews of the game this Monday, November 12th, on their respective websites. Both received a preview on the game at Rockstar Games’ New York City office.

InsideGamer heeft de kans gekregen om exclusief GTA 5 te checken in New York. Lees vanaf 12 november alles over deze topgame van 2013 op IG!

GTA V. We hebben ‘m in actie gezien. En erover gesproken met de makers. Lees 12 november alles over de nieuwe Grand Theft Auto op

Another publication have also mentioned on their website (since removed) that they received a preview of the game and that they will publish it later this month.

This is, without a doubt, strong evidence pointing towards further previews hitting the web this month – starting this Monday! Definitely an explosive blowout of information and assets on the game.

Stick to for coverage of all the previews headed our way this month, including English summaries of new information from each.