Game Informer’s GTAV Cover Revealed

As promised, Game Informer have just revealed the cover for their upcoming Grand Theft Auto V issue.

The cover shows THREE main characters, all of whom we have seen before in screenshots and the first trailer!

Matt Bertz, the writer of GI’s GTAV spread, has confirmed that there will indeed be three protagonists with this tweet. How Rockstar will handle this is still unknown, but we’re bound to find out later on today when the digital edition of the magazine is released in around 2-3 hours time. With more than 18 pages of information to digest, check back soon for a summary of what’s inside.

Update: Game Informer have also added a special GTA V Hub in preparation for the magazine’s release. It features new artwork of one of the protagonists, and there’s plenty of blank space that will be filled with exclusives in due course.

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