GTA-styled game for GBA

Publisher Zoo Digital is planning on releasing a GBA remake of the late Amiga title Payback in Europe this fall.

Developed by Apex DesignsPayback is built on a structure borrowed from DMA Design’s (Rockstar North) first two GTA titles. The top-down view is the most recognizable simmilarity, though there are a number of changes.

The GBA release of Payback promises to include 10 cities, the ability to hijack a wide variety of vehicles & a vast selection of missions – including a “Rampage” mode that generates new missions randomly.

Payback will be pushing the limits of the handheld system with a number of key components. This includes a day/night rotation (simmilar to GTA), a full 3D engine (despite the game featuring top-down gameplay), and the ability to connect 4 players for head-to-head play.

As of this moment, neither Rockstar nor Take2 have voiced their opinion on this GTA-lookalike.

If you’re interested in finding out more, Apex Designs has a number of screenshots available from the GBA development here. More information is available on the game, as well as it’s original Amiga release, on the developer’s webpage.

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