Strategy Guide Now Available for Preorder

Just a quick note for you San Andreas fans. Gamestop has started accepting preorders for the Brady Games Official GTA San Andreas Strategy Guide.

Something interesting to note is that the estimated release date is 1st of October. As we know San Andreas is shipping on the 19th, and knowing Rockstar Games is not the company to release a strategy game before the game itself, we are guessing the date will be revised.

Remember that our partnersite PlanetGrandTheftAuto is in the process of conducting an interview with Tim Bogenn, the author of BradyGames’ official strategy guides for GTA3, GTA Vice City AND GTA San Andreas. Tim is at the moment working on a strategy guide for another game, but will be off to play and write the strategy guide for San Andreas in August. The interview will be up very soon!Related links: Product DescriptionGTAForums topicTim Bogenn interview topic.