Dan Houser talks to the Associated Press

Rockstar’s creative vice president, Dan Houser, has provided a 90-minute preview of GTA IV to the Associated Press in New York. Although there aren’t any major new details, there are one or two minor points which we felt were worth highlighting.

Houser talks briefly about his favourite mission in the game, which involves assassinating a character who’s laid up in hospital. “How gamers achieve this goal is completely up to them, whether they decide to quietly sneak in through a window, boisterously bust through the front door guns blazin’ or don scrubs and simply turn off the mark’s life support.” Rockstar are aiming to give players more control over their own destiny. “They even have a choice at the key moment in the whole story. I don’t want to go into too much detail about it, but I think putting that into the hands of the player is very fun,” said Houser.

The only other point worth noting is that there are “over 100” fictitious websites which can be accessed via Liberty City’s Internet cafes. One of these, of course, is LibertyCityPolice.com (see above post) and another is GoldbergLignerAndShyster.com (see Missions page.)

Read the full interview here.