Happy Holidays from GTAForums

We couldn’t send you all a Christmas card, so we had this virtual one made. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of our members and guests. Spread that love around and be safe! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a good Sunday, or if you really really hate it, have a scotch on us and go enjoy blasting some

GTANet Exclusive PC Screenshot from Rockstar

Rockstar Games have just sent us across this exclusive PC screenshot to treat the GTANet and GTAForums community in preparation for the PC launch on Tuesday. It shows Michael and Trevor kitted out in the Gruppe Sechs uniform, ready for a heist. Thanks Rockstar! Find below links to other GTA fansites who have also received exclusive screenshots: GTA

GTANet Exclusive Screenshots from New-Gen GTA V

Rockstar kindly sent over these exclusive screenshots from the new version of Grand Theft Auto V: The first shows a multiplayer shootout in Cassidy Creek; the latter shows a close up of Franklin with a sneak peak of one of the new vehicle dashboards viewable in first person mode. Remember, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions arrive next Tuesday

GTA Online: GTANet Hands On Preview

Rockstar Games invited GTANet and other Grand Theft Auto fansites to New York City last week to experience Grand Theft Auto Online firsthand. The event took place at the Hotel on Rivington in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighbourhood. (This is the same venue where we had our first look at GTAIV in 2008.) As pretty much everyone knows, GTA Online launches tomorrow (October

Exclusive GTA V Screenshot

Rockstar very kindly sent over this exclusive screenshot for GTANet: Cheers Rockstar! More New Screenshots: ·· GTA Warehouse· The GTA Place· Rockstar Network· GTA Series· GTA Next · GTA Turk· GTA Gaming· GTA Inside· iGTA5· GTAPro· GTANF · GTA Xtreme· GTA Scene· GTA Base· Rockstar World· Rockstar Watch · Rockstar Nexus· Rockstar Resource· Rockstar 98· GTA5-FR· Rockstar Base

GTAForums: Best Posts From May-July

If you’ve been on vacation like me, then you’ve no doubt missed out on a lot of quality discussion at GTAForums. And with over 25,000 new posts per week, it’s a lot to catch up on. Fear not, however, as ThirstyHyena has kindly put together a compilation of the best posts from May-July. If you have 12 minutes to spare, check it Podcast Episode 2

There’s nothing we enjoy more at GTANet than talking about GTA V, so it’s a treat when long-time fans and GTAForums members meta187 and Pusher get together for a chinwag and let us hear their thoughts and reviews of any recent headlines regarding the upcoming game. For the second episode of the series so far, fellow forumer Voodoo joins the

New Podcast! Episode 1

With the release of GTA V a mere four months away, we felt a need to take a moment out this weekend to launch GTANetwork’s first official podcast #001 to comment on our thoughts and impressions in regards to all of the new information and how the GTAF Community is processing their thoughts over the revealed features and details as well as