Forums Overview and GTA IV Tidbits

Since the release of the GTA IV trailer last week, some interesting topics have emerged on our forums. Some members are attempting to compile a vehicle list based on what was revealed by the trailer. The blue car shown in the second scene has sparked a massive debate over its source of inspiration, and so with people unable to agree on a model, we

Vice City Stories on PlayStation 2

Tomorrow morning marks the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories in North America for the PlayStation 2 entertainment console. European gamers will have to wait until the 9th of March. The release comes just 4 months after the game was released on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld platform. The PS2 release is a polished copy of the PSP version,

Confirmed Vehicles List

ybakker – along with other members of our forum – have put together a list of confirmed vehicles in Vice City Stories, with images of each vehicle included. The list is updated regularly as new details emerge. Check it out!

Trailer Observations

GrimFaith made an interesting discovery while watching the Vice City Stories official trailer. Grim noticed that in this scene, there appear to be barricades on the bridge in the background, denying you access to the opposing island – and seeing as this scene takes place on the second island, it means that likely you will start on the second island and gain access to

Vice City Stories Discussion

Not registered at Registering is fast, free and easy and allows you to instantly reply to any topic on the boards. Why wait? Click here to register your own unique username and become part of the ever-growing community! Some of the topics being discussed this week: Main Character Poll – Who do you think will be the main character in Vice City

PEDS: Season Finale, Now Available for Your iPod

If you haven’t been keeping up with the fantastic GTA Machinima series, PEDS, then now might be a good time to catch up on it. For those unfamiliar with the series (or the term machinima), it’s a combination scenes scripted and rendered using the Vice City game engine, then combined with a complete original music soundtrack and live voice actors. On

New Cheats

edisoncarter has uncovered several new button cheats for Liberty City Stories. View all of them here and expect more to appear shortly. Related Links: edisoncarter’s site, GTAForums Topic

Button Cheats

edisoncarter has discovered the first ever valid cheat codes for Liberty City Stories. (We advise that you do not save with these cheats activated, as there is a risk of file corruption.) If you find out what the “unknown” cheats do, please let us know! More will be revealed shortly. Keep checking back for updates. Related Link: edisoncarter’s site, GTAForums Topic

Discuss Liberty City Stories

Remember that you can discuss Liberty City Stories with other fans of the game by registering free at our forum. Being the largest Grand Theft Auto community, GTAForums has always been the best place for news and gameplay info. Tips, Tricks and WalkthroughsBy Rob_UKRead tips/tricks/cheats and guides submitted by other people or submit your own. Important Firmware Version InfoBy edisoncarterFor anyone

Multiplayer Section

Check out our new multiplayer section – it contains everything we know to date about multiplayer in Liberty City Stories, aswell as some technical details as to how it will actually work. “There are seven gameplay modes, each supporting upto 6 different players. You (the player) choose where you want to play, and who you want to play as. However, it’s not