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Tips, Tricks and Walkthroughs
By Rob_UK
Read tips/tricks/cheats and guides submitted by other people or submit your own.

Important Firmware Version Info
By edisoncarter
For anyone that wants mods or cheats: “The good news is, LCS only requires firmware version 2.0. With 2.0, you still have the option to downgrade to 1.5 and run homebrew. Homebrew is not just about cheesy games and emulators; any kind of mods or trainers or cheat device type codes will only be possible if you can run homebrew.”

By Brown_Streak_RR
Has the map been expanded? Can you fly helicopters? Everything you need to know about Liberty City Stories can likely be found in this topic.

LCS Secrets & Easter Eggs
By kippers
All secrets and easter eggs revealed! Find out about them or contribute your own findings.

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