Classic GTA

Interviews with Rockstar North’s Aaron & Les

As part of the 10 year anniversary celebration for GTA: Vice City, Rockstar North producer Leslie Benzies and Art Director Aaron Garbut took to the web for a series of interviews looking back at the development of the game. While most of the interviews relate to Vice City, there were a few questions and answers relating to more recent things

Fan video depicts character switching in GTAIV

We had learned earlier this week that GTAV will allow us to switch between three different main characters when not on a mission – or during missions where two or more of these characters work together. But how exactly will this look like? We can only wait until we play the game, or if Rockstar shows us through video footage between now

IGN Feature Part 2: Pushing the Limits

IGN have posted the second part of their huge feature which began on Saturday, which looks at the making of Grand Theft Auto IV. This time it’s 9 pages long, and they talk to Dan Houser and Aaron Garbut about various aspects of the gameplay including multiplayer and downloadable content. Be sure to check it out along with the 5 new screenshots they have

GTA Netcast Episode #3

Approximately two months ago, I pitched an idea to the rest of the staff here at GTANet: we should make a podcast. It took a few weeks to get underway, but we finally got around to recording our first episode. (It was crap.) So we gave it another try… and it was better. Now we’re going even further with the third

GTA IV gets 18 rating in UK

According to MCV, Grand Theft Auto IV has been rated 18 in the UK by the British Board of Film Classification. If the report is true, it would come as no real surprise, as all of the previous Grand Theft Auto games were rated 18. Confirmation is expected to appear shortly on the BBFC website. Link: (thanks to devil_spawn666 for the info.)

GTA4 HUD Revealed

The latest issue of Australian magazine ZOO contains photographs of one of their journalists playing GTA IV on a large TV screen. As expected, the HUD is minimal, and the only thing that’s permanently visible is the radar. The radar is surrounded by two semi-circles representing health and armour. Everything on the radar is translucent except for the roads. Things like weapons

Three New Artworks

Three new [official] GTA IV illustrations have emerged on Thanks to nevermikel from the forums for bringing this to our attention.

IGN Feature: Building a Brave New World

IGN got an opportunity to interview Dan Houser (Rockstar’s VP of Creative) and Aaron Garbut (Rockstar North’s Art Director) about the making of Grand Theft Auto IV. You can read the first part of the feature now, which contains 11 pages in total. It discusses the origins of the storyline, the creation of Niko Bellic, the new dynamic relationship system, and lastly

Trailer IV – Additional Screenshots

The Rockstar webmaster has just sent over some additional screenshots from the montage near the end of trailer 4. These aren’t direct captures from the trailer – they are the original high-resolution screenshots. Enjoy:

Downloadable Soundtrack via R* Social Club

Hot on the heels of the Rockstar Games Social Club announcement comes further news of its functionality. Rockstar Games has joined forces with Amazon to provide a music download service for the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack. Any currently playing track in the game can be ‘marked’ for future reference, by means of the personal assistant / mobile phone gadget