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Grand Theft Auto IV Updated on PC – Goodbye Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto IV Updated on PC – Goodbye Multiplayer

On April 29 2008, Rockstar’s peak multiplayer experience (at the time) was released. It allowed for endless fun and messing around in the dense world of Liberty City, in either free-roam, or specific game modes that ended up being extraordinarily popular and spawning some funny internet videos, such as Cops & Crooks. I personally spent quite some time in it

GTA IV is now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Rockstar have just announced that GTA IV is indeed heading to Xbox One with backwards compatibility, and it’s already available! The Complete Edition, which includes the base game and the Episodes, is available to digitally download from the Xbox Store, or you can simply insert your old Xbox 360 disc to play. Even your original game saves can be transferred through the

GTAForums Spotlight: The Chain Game

GTAForums Spotlight: The Chain Game

Forget your yachts, your special cargo, your adversary modes, there is a small community within GTAForums that has no interest in such folly and is instead committed to 100%ing the 3D era of GTA over and over again, one mission at a time. Introducing: The Chain Game. In a nutshell, The Chain Game is a long-running forum game and it’s

Throwback: SA-MP Interview (August 2008)

We’ve been talking with Kye, leader of the multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, SA-MP. If you’re a SA-MP player, continue reading and get to know more about this project that kept you entertained over the years. uNi: When did you start working on this multiplayer project for Grand Theft Auto and why? kye: In early 2003 I purchased GTA: Vice City for

GTAV Fan Trailer with Niko, Luis & Johnny

While we know through Game Informer’s preview that GTAIV’s main character Niko Bellic won’t be making an appearance in GTAV, Rockstar Games aficionado and CGI expert JANTSUU went to work to give us a realistic (and humorous) take on what it may look like if Niko, along with the two other main characters from GTAIV’s episodes, appeared in the game. Watch on

Fan Video: GTAV Trailer 2 remade in GTAIV

A lot of you have probably already seen the recreation of the second GTAV trailer within GTAIV by GTAForums user Golonka. We never get tired of these, so we wanted to share another recreation uploaded today by YouTube user GTA5Poland.Great work indeed! We particularly loved the boat and dog scene recreations.

Interviews with Rockstar North’s Aaron & Les

As part of the 10 year anniversary celebration for GTA: Vice City, Rockstar North producer Leslie Benzies and Art Director Aaron Garbut took to the web for a series of interviews looking back at the development of the game. While most of the interviews relate to Vice City, there were a few questions and answers relating to more recent things