Welcome to GrandTheftAuto.net

It’s been 19 years since the birth of GTANet, and boy a lot has happened. Some of us were not old enough to play Grand Theft Auto when we joined, and thinking back to 2001, some of us were not even born yet… GTANet has seen multiple generations of fans come and go, but we all arrived with the same shared passion, not just for the weather, but for Rockstar Games titles.

Together we celebrated the first true 3D GTA, Grand Theft Auto III, and over the years that followed we created several websites to support every game release, alongside developing GTAForums as our community base. 19 years later we’re still here, waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI, waiting to get our minds blown, just as we were back then.

The first exclusive screenshot GTANet received from Rockstar Games back in 2002

To pat our own backs for a second, GTAForums has done well running for as long as it has. Forums as a platform to communicate are not as popular as they once were, but with a dedicated team of staff and ever-thirsty fans playing their part, we still hold our own in the GTA community.

Unfortunately, our network sites haven’t received the same attention these past few years. We’re all a bit older, all have a few more things in real life to get on with, you know how it is, but now is the time to look forward. This anniversary year seemed like the perfect time to get back to basics, get back to our roots, and bring one of the oldest projects in the GTA community back to life.

The GTANet Portal at GrandTheftAuto.net promises to keep all existing information we’ve gathered over these 19 years as accessible as it always has been, and over time we’ll be archiving all of our articles from the past right here on this domain, but for now we’ve dusted off the covers and will be bringing in new articles, new community spotlights and any news we can get our hands on relating to GTA, Red Dead and other Rockstar Games titles.

Welcome home.

The GTANet Team

24th April 2020 – see update here regarding our domain.