Upcoming PC Gamer Preview Details

The more observant of you might have noticed that in the February issue of PC Gamer magazine, an upcoming preview of GTA San Andreas PC was advertised. Back during the release of GTA Vice City for PC back in spring of 2002, PC Gamer was the first magazine on the block with details. It seems Rockstar is continuing to support PC Gamer, as this time around PC Gamer has been appointed the first magazine with information on GTA San Andreas PC.

Our partner-site PlanetGTA has spoken to an editor at PC Gamer, and it turns out the preview will be in their June issue, as opposed to the May issue date that was advertised. PC Gamer will be receiving a pre-release build of the game next week for their internal review, and preview preparation.

The June issue of PC Gamer will be available for subscribers in late April or early May. It will be available in stores shortly thereafter. Remember, GTA San Andreas is coming to Xbox and PC second week of June!