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PC Gamer UK Reviews San Andreas

The newest issue of PC Gamer magazine UK, the 150th anniversary issue, has a 4-page review of the PC version. PC Gamer was one of the only magazines granted a review before the game’s release. The game is rated as a “Must Buy.” It quickly covers most of the features of the game as well as the new features of

Exclusive Review This Month in PC Gamer

GamesIndustry¬†writes that the coming issue of PC Gamer UK is going to have the world exclusive review of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC. I’m not sure how Future Publishing works with their magazines in different countries, so PC Gamer US might or might not also have a San Andreas review in the new issue. Look for PC Gamer UK

Upcoming PC Gamer Preview Details

The more observant of you might have noticed that in the February issue of PC Gamer magazine, an upcoming preview of GTA San Andreas PC was advertised. Back during the release of GTA Vice City for PC back in spring of 2002, PC Gamer was the first magazine on the block with details. It seems Rockstar is continuing to support PC