“The Lowdown on Los Santos”

Gamespot have published a brand new 3-page feature, titled ‘The Lowdown of Los Santos’ – basically a summary of the whole city.

And if you want to visit the real Vinewood aristocracy–and perhaps some prime robbery targets–you can head up into those hills to find the truly impressive mansions and estates of the Vinewood elite. Vinewood’s population runs the gamut from the poor and destitute to the rich and famous.

  • Orange Grove is known to its residents as simply ‘The Grove’. CJ’s experience in ‘The Grove’ becomes very personal.
  • Vinewood is packed with tourists, and contains many famous landmarks such as the Cathay Theater, the walk of fame, and the famous Vinewood sign.
  • Vinewood’s population varies, from rich to poor.
  • Rodeo is San Andreas’ version of Beverley Hills, the rich and famous area of the city. Here you’ll find the most plastic surgery and designer clothing of any other area in SanAn.
  • Downtown Los Santos is the financial area of the city. Again, you can find many famous landmarks: The Los Santos Convention Center and the Doc G Records Building (inspired by the famous Capitol Records building).
  • You can use the ‘Brown Streak railroad’ to travel around the city. It stops at all major landmarks.
  • Swimming at the beach will serve as ‘good exercise’. The beach is also a good place for starting trouble. It is packed with tourists during the day, and contains an amusement park on the pier. You can also see the Santa Maria Boardwalk, which makes the beach worth a visit, aswell as the ocassional beach party.
  • Los Santos features huge freeway’s, with busy traffic.
  • You can locate areas by their street names, unlike previous titles.
  • If you are being chased by local police, you can lure them into your home area, and let your own gang members take care of them.
  • If you travel into rival gang areas, they will use various tactics to take you out: Splitting up, sending ahead advance attackers, and using other wily maneuvers.
  • You will witness guys greeting each other, chatting away, and flashing gang symbols.
  • You can alter the camera angle with the right analog stick, which will come in handy for some of the tougher missions.

Gamespot also released 13 new screenshots. Be sure to check them out here.

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