San Andreas compatibility

We’ve all heard of the rumours about how San Andreas may not play on certain PS2 Consoles. I decided to put an end to the question marks and find this out for myself. I emailed a Playstation 2 technical support person with the following email.

Hello. I am a staff member at the huge website and forums. My name is Dom0803. There have has been much controversy as to weather the upcoming San Andreas will be playable on certain PS2’s I would like to be able to put an end to all of this by confirming if the rumour is true. Could you please tell me if San Andreas will be compatible with all PS2’s or only a certain type of PS2’s
Please specify if you can.
Thank you.

I then got the following reply back in an email.

Thank you for your recent correspondence.
I can confirm that all official PlayStation 2 software is designed to run on any PlayStation 2, regardless of age or model. No PlayStation 2 game has ever been released that will only play back on a certain type of PlayStation 2, and this will not change in the future.
Yours sincerely,
Ben Keeble PlayStation Consumer Care Team Sony Computer Entertainment UK

Perhaps that can put an end to all the rumours about San Andreas’ compatibility with PS2 consoles. Do not worry, it will work.

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