Rockstar Social Club

To coincide with the release of GTA IV, Rockstar will be launching a brand new website called the Rockstar Social Club. Registration for the club opens up on April 15th (mmm, tax day here in the US..), and it will apparently feature all kinds of multiplayer leaderboards and stat tracking. On top of the standard multiplayer ranking stuff, a press release

Updated Soundtrack Section

The new soundtrack page has just gone up, with all the information so far about the standalone soundtrack boxset and the radio stations. Don’t forget to come back later on in the day for information on Gamespot’s Saturday preview, and pay us a visit on Monday, when we’ll be the first to bring you word on the official track listings.

Official Update

Just a short notice to tell you that the official website has finally been updated, and many screenshots have been added. Nothing new, but it’s certainly a good thing. Perhaps some digital images of San Fierro soon? Related Links: Rockstar Games

Previews section updated.

Just a little note that our previews section has been updated with the new September publications (GamesTM, GMR, Gamestar and PSM2UK), as well as the Bravo Screenfun preview from August. >

We’ve elected to move the base San Andreas website of our network from to All links to work, and you can still use that as your homepage or leave it bookmarked.

Articles Section

Through expanding our site, we’ve reached out and made an articles section. It will develop into a sort of rants page about things we’re not pleased about, or any speculative writing whatsoever. Two articles there already, you might want to give them a read! See the main articles page for descriptions of both articles. Fansites, Screenshots, and MagazinesThe Pitfalls of “San Andreas” Pt. Progressing

Just wanted to give you lot a little update on how things have been progessing on, our game-specific site for the upcoming GTA San Andreas. As you may or may not have noticed, our left-side menu has grown steadily over the last few weeks with new content being added frequently. Our missions page has information about missions we know about so far,