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First Voice Actor for GTA IV Announced

While we’ve seen some tremendous voice talent in past Grand Theft Auto games, this is still something Rockstar Games tend to not make an emphasis about, or even use it as a way to market their games, as similar game publishers tend to do. Even so, we have news today about the first voice actor announced for Grand Theft Auto IV.

SPOILERS: OPM Review & New info!

Note: This news post contains full radio track listings and Voiceactor lists. If you don’t want to know, don’t read any further. The Official Playstation Magazine (US) were first to review GTA: San Andreas, and it recieved Game of the Month with a whopping 5 out of 5. They also revealed tons of new information, including voiceactors, gameplay info, radio listings and an

Listen to Young Maylay – Take #2

We now have a second audio clip of Young Maylay rapping, thanks to a bit of research by Dead At 4 PM–who got in touch with Deeyah (a female rapper) who then provided a link to the audio clip. Listen to Young Maylay rap in “What will it be”, now! Note: Young Maylay can be heard in the background (Er, obviously).

Listen to Young Maylay!

Right, so we found out that Young Maylay will be voice acting Carl Johnson, our main character. We know that he’s a young musician in Los Angeles, California. We know that he has an original voice and that DJ Pooh and Dan Houser both adore him. Now here’s the chance to find out what he sounds like, rapping! Listen to Young Maylay rap

Maccer Voice Actor

Surely by now you lot have had a chance to look around the official teaser site maccer.net. It’s a pretty nifty page, and to top it off we’ve now found out who will be doing the voice acting for Maccer. A UK daily tabloid named “The Mirror” reports Shaun Ryder is to be doing the voice acting for the character. While

Bill Cobbs & Brian Cox lend their voices

Internet Movie Database are claiming Bill Cobbs, who starred in films such as ‘Sweet Deadly Dreams’ and ‘Air Bud’, to be the voice of Old Reece, the city barber. In addition to this, IMDB say that Brian Cox will appear in San Andreas as his Manhunt character, Lionel Starkweather. Any of this has yet to be confirmed by R*, however.