VC-MP 0.3 Released

The VC-MP team have released VC-MP v0.3 – which can be downloaded over at the VC-MP website. Upgrades: netcode (allows 50 players now) sync (smoother sync overall) browser (SA:MP browser interface) admin (in-game commands added) Features: synced pickups (defined thru ini) maximum flight height raised tires popping is synced added chat commands /msg and /me armour bars added above health bars bugs

VC-MP Public Beta Test

The VC-MP team are holding a public beta test all of this weekend for VC-MP v0.2! Goto for details on how to install, and then connect to the following server: Server IP Address: Server Port: 5192 Related Links: VC-MP IRC Chat; GTAForums

Vice City Multiplayer – First Release

The Vice City Multiplayer project started by the San Andreas Multiplayer team as a prerequisite to their SA-MP development has proven to be far more productive than their first estimates were. VC-MP has been described as far from final, but the team believe that this release is an enjoyable release to play and should provide some commonly demanded features for the community