New Content and 250+ Fixes for Red Dead Online

New Content and 250+ Fixes for Red Dead Online

Phew, it’s been a bit of crazy day, folks! The hype train started promptly this morning as the community prepared for Red Dead Online’s first content update since December 2019. Having only been announced just a few days ago, players were flocking in excitement before the update finally dropped just after 2pm UK time. We had over 1000 people within

3 GTA IV Trailers in Total

UPDATE: R* haven’t finalized any plans for a definitive number of trailers yet. That is exactly what they told us when we asked them to comment. The latest “1UP Yours” podcast has a snippet from John Davison who recently saw the new IV demo at R*. He said that the latest demo focuses on an updated version of Broker (the area

GTA IV Real-World Comparisons

How well does Liberty City compare with the real world? At our forums, there is a thread titled¬†“Laying out Liberty City”, where members such as Tibatonk are attempting to compare buildings shown in the trailer with their real-life equivalents, and draw up a map based on their findings. We have been working hard over the past few days to compile