New Screenshot at (anyone ever heard of this site? No, neither have we ūüôĀ ) have¬†a new exclusive GTA IV screenshot¬†over at their forums. It shows Niko on a bike riding through the Liberty City subway.

New Screenshot

Incase you didn’t notice the new screenshot that has been in our¬†gallery¬†since lunchtime, here it is now. It comes from¬†this article¬†over at¬†

New Screenshot at Yahoo!

The Associated Press were recently given two new screenshots of GTA 4 by Rockstar Games, and one of these screenshots has now appeared on Unfortunately this [rather small] version is the only copy we have available at the moment, but we will do our best to try and obtain a full-size version shortly. Thanks to PlanetGTA for the heads up.

Liberty City Map Revealed?

…kinda. A member called¬†Bluespot¬†at our forums has made a very intriguing discovery in the¬†third GTA IV trailer. In the boat scene at 1:24, (part of) the Liberty City map appears to be shown on the boat’s dashboard. It is very small and therefore difficult to examine, but it does seem to give a fair indication of the shape of the

First Digital GTA IV Screenshot

Apart from the five official screenshots released by Rockstar Games, and those captured from the first official trailer, so far we’ve only come to see screenshots printed in magazine publications, which of course were graciously ported over to the web by way of a revolutionary digital invention, the almighty scanner. In order for us not to breach the copyright law, in which