GTA4 HUD Revealed

The latest issue of Australian magazine ZOO contains photographs of one of their journalists playing GTA IV on a large TV screen. As expected, the HUD is minimal, and the only thing that’s permanently visible is the radar. The radar is surrounded by two semi-circles representing health and armour. Everything on the radar is translucent except for the roads. Things like weapons

New Radio Station Revealed

German magazines MAN!AC and GamePro have new previews of GTA IV in their latest (April) editions. Most of the information is old, but they did manage to reveal there is a radio station in the game called Beat 102.7, which is certainly new to us. Thanks to for the info. Perhaps this is one of the stations we will learn more about when Rockstar Games update the

Liberty City Map Revealed?

…kinda. A member called Bluespot at our forums has made a very intriguing discovery in the third GTA IV trailer. In the boat scene at 1:24, (part of) the Liberty City map appears to be shown on the boat’s dashboard. It is very small and therefore difficult to examine, but it does seem to give a fair indication of the shape of the

Song Title & Small Details of Trailer 2 Revealed

Yahoo’s coverage is finally showing off, though this isn’t the sort of content we expected. If you don’t want to know the title of the song featured in the upcoming trailer, don’t read any further. From Yahoo!… “The new trailer is scored with “Arm In Arm (Shy Child Remix)” by New York City-based band The Boggs. The idea was to

Boxart Revealed

US retailer Walmart have revealed what appears to be the official packshot for Liberty City Stories. Also note the game’s “Mature 17+” rating (on the Walmart site, that is). The update was discovered by TheDude5000.

LCS: Release date revealed

Popular UK magazine “Games TM” is claiming that Rockstar have confirmed Liberty City Stories’ release date to be October of this year. Rockstar has confirmed that PSP title GTA: Liberty City Stories will arrive in October, shortly after Sony’s handheld’s European launch. Returning to GTA III’s Liberty City, players control Toni Cipriani, a character in GTA III. Cipriani will be voiced by