Liberty City Stories (PS2) to be released in June

Rockstar have just announced the release date of Liberty City Stories (PS2). North Americans can pick it up on June 6th 2006, but Europeans will have to wait three days later. It is priced at $19.99/$29.99/$19.99. “Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), announced today that Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PlayStation�2 computer entertainment

Liberty City Stories for PS2 delayed?

Eurogamer are reporting of a possible delay of the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories. Rockstar had never announced a specific date, though a late-April release was expected. “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories won’t be out on PlayStation 2 until at least the end of May, Rockstar reckons. Speaking to Eurogamer today, a spokesperson said “it’s looking like it’ll be

Coming to a PS2 Soon!

A Take 2 Interactive press release made today briefly touched on plans for a PS2 port of the currently PSP exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The statement also reiterates that another title is in development for the PSP. At this stage we have no information about what to expect in these future releases, we can expect more information

San Andreas (PS2) Special Edition Announced

Rockstar have announced the release of a special (Hot Coffee free) edition of GTA: San Andreas (PS2) featuring The Introduction DVD and Rockstar’s debut documentary Sunday Driver. In addition, Xbox owners will be able to buy a Grand Theft Auto “Trilogy Package”, a package containing all 3 titles from the GTA3 trilogy: Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and

Assemblyman Yee, World Champion of Oxymorons

Gamespot reported today on yet more saber rattling from every gamer’s new favorite California State Assemblyman, Leland Yee. In a rather odd turn of events (though not altogether new in the world of politics), Mr. Yee found time to make a statement which totally contradicts itself. Brace yourself for this one, as the “logic” involved could cause whiplash. “If, in fact,

PS2 GTA: SA Censor Remover

gothi writes: GTA: San Andreas Censor Remover allows you to patch your PS2 GTA save to remove the censor and unlock the removed ‘Hot Coffee’ interactive scene (unlike the first PC patch the girls seems to be wearing only a little clothing rather than their regular clothes) Please make sure to follow the instructions in the readme and enjoy GTA: SA

GTA San Andreas Xbox Cheats

Our Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cheats page has received a slight rearrangement with the introduction of the new ports. The PS2 cheats have remained on the main cheats page, but will be accompanied by the PC and Xbox cheats. There are also individual cheats pages for the different systems for quicker navigation: GTA San Andreas PC cheats, GTA San Andreas XBOX cheats and GTA San Andreas

Sony: DualDisc Doesn’t Meet Technical Requirements

An interesting topic entitled Reports of olders PS2’s having problems with SA has been growing steadily on our forums since the release of San Andreas, and has gathered over 300 replies and 13,000 views to date. The GTA series seems to be plagued with problems with its PS2 port. I even recall people complaining about GTA3’s compatibility with the Playstation 2. Whether

San Andreas compatibility

We’ve all heard of the rumours about how San Andreas may not play on certain PS2 Consoles. I decided to put an end to the question marks and find this out for myself. I emailed a Playstation 2 technical support person with the following email. Hello. I am a staff member at the huge website and forums. My name