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This weekend the big secret was revealed – Grand Theft Auto is going multiplayer. TotalVideoGames, Euro Gamer and 1UP tell us about it: “Easily accessible at any time, the Multiplayer mode allows six gamers to battle across seven different gametypes, including the aforementioned Deathmatch, a Capture the Flag based mode called Get Stretch, and a team-only game entitled Protection Racket.

Official Site Expanded, PC and Xbox Screens Revealed

We’ve just received word from Rockstar that the official Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas website has been expanded with new PC and Xbox sections. To celebrate the launch, Rockstar has published a whole new bunch of San Andreas PC screenshots and the first ever digital San Andreas Xbox screenshots. They have also sent out a fansite exclusive screenshot. Here are the new PC screenshots, starting with

Preview Assets

Rockstar have sent us the assets from Wednesday’s SA:PC previews. View the rest at our new PC Screenshot Gallery.

New San Andreas PC Previews Online

Things are finally starting to get busy around here. Tonight The Adrenaline Vault, GameZone and Game Revolution have put up previews of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PC, based on a preview session granted to them over the weekend by Rockstar. There are no new screenshots, but the sharp eyed ones among you might have noticed that the screenshots put up yesterday at various gaming sites were

Assets from this weekend

Rockstar were kind enough to send us the assets from this weekend’s IGN and Gamespot previews. Enjoy! What would Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas be without weapons? Erm, Grand? With San Andreas just two days way, GTANet looks into what the game has to offer in terms of high grade firearms. Firstly, we see the Vulcan Mini Gun. This frightening weapon delivers barrages of ammunition

Thug life, yo!

GameSpot have released a new preview focusing on “thug life”. Here is a quick summary of the new info: Rockstar North did some ‘gang research’ whilst developing San Andreas. To help with this, they consulted DJ Pooh, Mister Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, and hundreds of other people. Gangs in Los Santos include: The Orange Grove Families, the Ballas, the Vagos, and the

Soundtrack Weekend Full Force

Details: 11 functional radio stations, 20 different DJs. “More licensed music than in any other action videogame in history.” “Instead of looping the sounds heard on each station, the entire setup is dynamic.” “Players can expect to hear live weather bulletins, deadly accurate news updates, music blocks, custom track lead-ins and outs, and call-ins from people all over the state.”

Rumor Control Volume 1

Rah! So here we are with only two weeks left until San Andreas hits store shelves in North America. While we impatiently wait for these last thirteen and a half days to crawl by, the levels of excitement and anticipation amongst fans will surely climb right through the roof. And as the excitement builds, the amount of rumors and speculation

Minor Details from German PlayPlaystation

The latest playPlaystation magazine (December issue) is starting to appear on magazine racks in Germany, and along with the huge double-page advertisements there is also a preview with three new pieces of information: When CJ has enough respect, he can go to his turf in Los Santos, recruit up to 8 ‘homies’ to take with him for a gang war. Once they follow him, they shoot