Community Spotlight: What Will Be Coming Soon…

So there you are, chillin’ out at the movies with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) by your side, sharin’ a bag of overpriced popcorn whilst sipping a can of Pepsi that you had stuffed into your jean pocket to sneak past the ticket guy. Smooth sailin’ so far. House lights are going down, people are getting settled, couples (yourself included) are getting all comfy. It’s all good. Then just when you think the coast is clear and you start makin’ a move on your lovergirl and/or loverboy – BAM! COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!!!!! Damn.

It’s a painful truth. The phrase “Coming Soon” is often associated with little more than those awkward, helluva-long previews before either a) movies in a cinema or b) the actual content on a DVD that you busted out your hard-earned money for. It’s a shame. The idea behind the entire “Coming Soon” portion of a movie is to get you excited about upcoming releases, but more often than not those two words are followed by an irritating stretch of crappy commercials.

All hope is not lost for “Coming Soon”, however. GTAForums member OliG has been hard at work keeping track of to-be-released GTA IV previews for over three months now. In a thread lovingly titled “What Will Be Coming Soon…”, a listing of upcoming magazine/website previews and GTA IV-related content has been assembled in an attempt to keep tabs on what has yet to come.

“I thought it would be a good idea to make a topic that lists all the things coming up in the future for everyone to look forward to. And this is it! I have tried to make it to go well with the colour scheme of the forums and I will update it as soon as possible when anything is are announced. There is a printable version and a download link available below – all updates will be applied to the printable version too.

I plan to continue this until there is barely any activity on the forum and no new official info will ever be released (like it is with the GTAIII Forum now) which is a long way away. I will continue it after the game is released as I’m sure other things will be announced and there will be competitions, tournaments, activities etc. going on within the forum. This topic is not just for official information, it’s just there is no unofficial information to report… yet. Enjoy! A lot of work has gone into this so I hope you like it!”

Updates are made on a regular basis, so check it out for yourself (and bookmark it!) to keep yourself informed.

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