Red Dead Redemption Port Hands-On Preview

Red Dead Redemption Port Hands-On Preview

Over the past week, thanks to Rockstar Games, we’ve been hands-on with the Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 4 conversion developed by UK studio Double Eleven. Here’s some highlights from our experience playing on PS5! To be brief in this introduction; it is exactly what it says on the tin – a port of the RDR everyone knows and loves from

Modders attempt to merge GTA3 and GTAVC with San Andreas

The inevitable modding project for combining games from the GTA3 series into one using the San Andreas engine has taken off. A group producing a mod known as GTA:LVS aim upon merging Liberty City from GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas all into one, and then allowing the player to travel between each of these. Whilst the mod is still very much


After two weeks of wondering how on earth we would get around the new LOD grouping system, binary IPL files, over 16K map objects, and countless other brain-numbing obstacles, we did it. San Andreas has been removed, and we’ve started importing assets for the Myriad Islands community map project! Most of the hard work here was done by Steve M and his