TXD Workshop Updates

The SanAn TXD workshop by our own guys at GTA Tools has been updated. Delfi wrote: “The latest txd workshop beta was promoted to version 3.4 which can save txds properly again (for vice city and gta3). It has experimental saving for San Andreas that gives limited success. Editing LOADSCS.txd works great but in-game sprites (like LD_PLAN.txd) doesn’t.” The new TXD workshop works for

San Andreas New Game Access

Similarly to the state wide open modification we reported about, Opius has made a modification which opens up the whole game at the start called San Andreas New Game Access. Here are the details: All stats upgraded to full Entire map opened up without restrictions All side mission bonuses unlocked (Oysters, Horseshoes, Vigilante, etc.) Most properties available for purchase from the start All

GTA San Andreas Photo Cleaner

gothi from has informed us of his new San Andreas “photo cleaning” tool. “Those of you with GTA San Andreas for the Xbox may have noticed it uses a different method of storing photos than the PS2 and these files are not directly viewable on a PC. GTA: SA Photo Cleaner cleans up the raw .jpg files that the Xbox version

More Hidden Stuff to Mod

Everyone remembers the skateboard weapon icon that was found in the PS2 version, right? Sadly, that was all that remained of the unfinished item, as the model and texture files had been removed before shipping. In the PC version, however, R*^ was kind enough to include the missing bits for us to play with. It’s still unclear whether any of

The State Wide Open

Want to see the sights of San Fierro or gamble in Las Venturas without having to go through the storyline of the game? Craig Kostelecky has the answer for you in the form of a modification. All you have to do is replace your main.scm in the data folder with the new one and start a new game. Note that the mod

San Andreas: Uncensored

A few months ago, Barton Waterduck discovered a few sections of unused code in the PS2 version of San An for the girlfriend “missions”. With a bit of memory hacking and such, he discovered these removed portions of mission scripting were to not only put the camera inside the girlfriends’ house when you stop in for “coffee”, but also to make a

GTAGarage Opens

Welcome to GTAGarage (or if you’re reading this from the news hub at GTANet, click here), GTANet’s new site devoted to mods for all the GTA games. While it may look a little empty now, expect to see all sorts of new mods in the future as they’re released, as well as a back catalog of existing mods as they’re submitted.

Gamespot San Andreas Q&A session with Rockstar North pt. 2

Gamespot has posted another Q&A session with Rockstar North regarding game physics, AI and modding in the upcoming PC release. While most of the information will be old news for PS2 gamers (and quite a few PC gamers as well), technical details seem to have become much more “sophisticated” now that we’re enterting the PC realm: “The buoyancy forces that are applied

No Mod Tools Shipping With PC Game

Ever since the launch of the official PC version site, there has been a buzz about a line in the features section which suggests that the PC version will give gamers “the opportunity to create their own world within San Andreas.” Previously magazines have written that the game will be moddable and have included all kinds of hyperboles to express the possibilities. This