GTAGarage Opens

Welcome to GTAGarage (or if you’re reading this from the news hub at GTANet, click here), GTANet’s new site devoted to mods for all the GTA games. While it may look a little empty now, expect to see all sorts of new mods in the future as they’re released, as well as a back catalog of existing mods as they’re submitted.

So what makes GTAGarage different than any other GTA mod site? Well, for starters, unlike some other sites out there, we don’t allow just anyone to pillage other people’s work and upload whatever mod they might find on the web. Instead, all mods here must be posted by the mod authors themselves. Sure, this may result in less mods than some of those sites who could care less about the modders, but at the end of the day, our goal here is to support the mod community, not just leech from it!

On top of simply being a place to upload and download mods, GTAGarage has built-in discussion sections for all mods (with some of the larger mod types allowing multiple threads); as well as the ability for authors to edit their mod info, post updates, and add files and screenshots. If you’ve ever been to the Mod Showroom at GTAForums, it’s kinda like that, but with the added bonus of file/pic hosting, user ratings, etc.. In fact, the whole system should be like second nature to anyone who has used a forum before. Oh, and speaking of the forums, you can use your GTAF account here, so you don’t even have to register again. If you’re not a member of GTAF already, you can still download mods, but if you want to add your own mods or contribute to discussions, you can register right here

At the moment, GTAGarage is still something of a work in progress. All the basics are in place, but as time goes by we have plans for more features. And if you have any suggestions for the site (or bugs to report), give us a shout here, and we’ll see what can be done. In the meantime, enjoy!

Finally, I’d like to give a special thanks to Fred for making all this work. If anyone sees him about the forums, know that you are in the presence of a genius.