From Mods to Morals to Lawsuits: A Summary of Recent Events

From Mods to Morals to Lawsuits: A Summary of Recent Events

If you’re a regular in GTA social media circles, chances are you’ve heard about the recent events in which Take-Two Interactive, wholly owners of Rockstar Games’ titles, are taking legal action against a group of programming enthusiasts responsible for reverse engineering GTA III and GTA Vice City. The work-in-progress projects, known as re3 and reVC, were first shared on code

Granny slams GTA

On Tuesday we reported that the FTC have launched an investigation into advertising claims made for GTA San Andreas, now it has emerged that a granny is filing a lawsuit in the southern district of New York after she bought the “M” rated game for her teenage grandson. “The plaintiff, Florence Cohen, claims in her lawsuit that she purchased the

BBC Report in to GTA Lawsuits

Frontline Scotland, a UK bbc news report which broadcasts tonight, looks in to the current lawsuits that are threatening the Edinburgh-based Rockstar North. In the show, they will be interviewing Mr Thomson, the lawyer representing the victims of the shootings in Tennessee last year. It was last summer that brothers William and Joshua Buckner, aged 16 and 13, opened fire