BBC Report in to GTA Lawsuits

Frontline Scotland, a UK bbc news report which broadcasts tonight, looks in to the current lawsuits that are threatening the Edinburgh-based Rockstar North. In the show, they will be interviewing Mr Thomson, the lawyer representing the victims of the shootings in Tennessee last year.

It was last summer that brothers William and Joshua Buckner, aged 16 and 13, opened fire on a Interstate 40 in Tennesse with a .22 calibre rifle. One man was killed and a woman badly hurt. As part of their defence, they mentioned to investigators that they got the idea from playing Grand Theft Auto.

balanced news article on the beeb site sums up the current problems the company is facing. As Mr. Thomson puts it:

We are suing the boys, their parents, WalMart who sold the game and the video games companies including Rockstar

Mr. Thomson is no stranger to threatening games developers: in 2002 he attempted, and failed, to blame various games, such as Doom and Quake, for influencing a 14 year-old to kill his schoolmates in Paducah, Kentucky.