Hands-on GTA IV previews are live!

The latest — and eagerly anticipated — previews have finally landed! As we’ve been saying for a few days now, Kikizo, IGN, CVG, GameSpy, 1UP, Team XBox and Gamespot (amongst others) were all treated to yet another exclusive look at Grand Theft Auto IV. Here’s a delightfully quaint little summary of the new stuff: Each site got to play GTA

New GTA IV Screenshot at GameSpy

GoldenJoel from the forums noticed the following new screenshot over at GameSpy: Initially there was some confusion as to whether this is new or not, because the third GTA IV trailer contains a scene which is very similar. However although it looks similar, it’s not taken from the third trailer, and it is indeed a new screenshot. Unfortunately it’s pretty small, but we’ll try to get

GameSpy Preview

GameSpy got their hands on Liberty City Stories this week, and they put up a nice article which tells of their experience. The controls are mostly the same as the PS2 versions of GTA3/GTA Vice City/GTA San Andreas. The camera angle is not as flexible as it is in the likes of San Andreas, because there is no analog stick.

First Sales Numbers, Gamespy Review

The first sales numbers for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the UK have been announced by Chart Track. Surprisingly (or not) the Xbox version has outsold the PC version almost two-fold. Needless to say, San Andreas shot to the top position after release. We expect some sort of sales information from the NPD Group soon concerning american sales numbers. Of

GameSpy PS2 Game of the Year

GameSpy is holding their game of the year awards, and although all the categories have not yet been chosen (gamers’ choice, top multiplayer and overall game of the year awards are still up for grabs), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has picked up the PlayStation 2 Game of the Year award. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most

Weekend Previews & Coverage

Just letting you know that everyone should keep a close eye on Gamespot and IGN this weekend. Both sites will be putting up new San Andreas information and screenshots in the form of previews. Gamespy will be putting up a San Andreas preview early next week as well. I’ve been told that these will be stories worth seeing, so stay tuned. Thanks to PlanetGrandTheftAuto and Rockstar Games for the collaboration.

Gamespy SA Preview Roundup…

G’day, folks! I assume the majority of you caught the recent San Andreas article over at (Dom posted a little news briefing on it yesterday), which summarized the majority of what is known about GTA:SA at the moment. However, if you’re anything like myself, you probably dropped out when you saw exactly how many pages (6, to be exact) there were. But don’t

Preview at PS2 Gamespy

The guys over at have recently posted an excellent article of the upcoming SanAn. It is pretty much a compilation of just about all the info about the games storyline that we know to date. I suggest you get over to the article and check it out for yourself. Some good reading in it and some vital information, a must if you want