Where are the In-Game Screens?

With just six weeks until the game comes out, the guys over at GamePro are getting a little worried that there haven’t been any “real” screenshots.. The newly released screens by way of the game’s official website seemingly depict cut sequences only, as have other images released so far. … It is common practice in the video game industry to promote the

New Radio Station Revealed

German magazines MAN!AC and GamePro have new previews of GTA IV in their latest (April) editions. Most of the information is old, but they did manage to reveal there is a radio station in the game called Beat 102.7, which is certainly new to us. Thanks to for the info. Perhaps this is one of the stations we will learn more about when Rockstar Games update the

Another New Screenshot

Yet another screenshot has been added to our ever-growing collection of GTA IV eye candy. This latest addition comes from the GamePro hands-on preview. If you’re under the impression that the city has been lightly dusted with a blanket of snow, sorry to disappoint — GamePro has upped the brightness and contrast of their GTA IV images. Hence the whiteness. Thanks to Chris_GTR1 for bringing Q&A with GamePro

Our friends over at have organized a Q&A with the German edition of GamePro Magazine, who recently received a hands-on demonstration of GTA IV in Munich. They are taking questions until February 25, and once the answers arrive, the guys at will kindly translate them for us and send them over. Link: Q&A with GamePro

Minor (new) GTA IV details from GamePro Magazine

Some new details have emerged in the latest issue of US magazine GamePro. GamePro previewed the same missions we have heard about many times before, so most of these details are minor, and aren’t particularly mind-blowing. See for yourself: One of the billboards seen during the demo advertised “Shark Credit Cards,” while others advertised “Pirate Music” and “The Whiz” (“The Whiz” is the type of phone that Niko uses.) The

Small Details from GamePro Germany

The German edition of GamePro recently provided a full preview on GTA IV to readers in that country, but as you’d expect most of the information is already known to us. It did, however, provide a small amount of information, listed below: There will be several different animation sets for breaking into a car, so far we know one of

Dutch Gamepro Mag – October Preview

The October issue of Gamepro Netherlands has a rather extensive San Andreas preview. Here’s a look over the new points: In one of the early missions CJ will be given the choice to wear the orange clothes of his gang. Doing this will earn you respect but you will be a marked man in enemy turf. Playing the safe way and wearing