San Andreas PC Shipping on DVD-9 / DVD-5

Following up on Sunday’s “San Andreas PC Exclusively on DVD?” news, I made some calls and it turns out San Andreas PC will indeed by shipping on a DVD. A kind bloke at Take 2 tech support with a UK accent confirmed that because the game is so large, it will be shipped on either a dual layer DVD disc

San Andreas PC Exclusively on DVD?

From what I’ve just read, that seems to be the case. We’ve all seen the official PC boxart which looks like it’s got a DVD graphic in the bottom corner indicating the game will be shipping on a DVD disc, but it seems there’s more to the DVD theory.. A fan on our San Andreas PC & Xbox forums contacted Rockstar about

San Andreas PC on DVD?

Squiddy over at GTAReactor sent in word that Take2’s site has updated their San Andreas PC pages with proper pics of the box art (rather than the PS2 boxes from before). This in itself is hardly surprising as the PC version isn’t far off. What is interesting, however, is that boxes indicate that it’s a DVD-ROM. The DVD logo is rather obvious