E3 From the Inside!

Wish you could be on the show floor of E3, snooping around for bits of info about GTA4, GTALCSPS2, Bully, or Table Tennis? Did your plans to sneak in with a Photoshopped press-pass and/or ninja rope fail? Well, after you accept the fact that we all can’t get in, perhaps you will take some comfort in knowing that the GTA

Online Coverage & Screenshots

San Andreas has been receiving tremendous coverage online, in the form of reviews and recommendations. If you’ve taken a break from playing San Andreas or just want something to read, have a look at the articles below. Digit Online news did “an in-depth look” at San Andreas comprising of their impressions and some in-house screenshots. The Chicago Tribune has done an article about

Weekend Previews & Coverage

Just letting you know that everyone should keep a close eye on Gamespot and IGN this weekend. Both sites will be putting up new San Andreas information and screenshots in the form of previews. Gamespy will be putting up a San Andreas preview early next week as well. I’ve been told that these will be stories worth seeing, so stay tuned. Thanks to PlanetGrandTheftAuto and Rockstar Games for the collaboration.