Official GTAV Box Art Unveiled

While the mural in New York City is still a work in progress, Rockstar Games today released the digital version of the cover art online. Downloadable wallpaper versions are available at

Official Grand Theft Auto 4 Boxart Live

Rockstar has just updated the official site with the GTA 4 box art. In addition to this, there is a short clip of the box art being spraypainted, and a December 6 2007 date for a new trailer called “Move up, ladies.” Discussion available at the GTA forums.

(Fake) Grand Theft Auto IV Boxart

We tend not to post fake media unless it has recieved a lot of publicity, or unless it is an extremely good attempt, so we felt this one was worthy of a mention. It was made in Adobe Photoshop by a member of our forums called Slim Trashman, and it took him approximately 6 hours to produce. It shares a similar

Vice City Stories Discussion

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More Boxart Analysis

After further inspection, I noticed the two characters at the bottom bare a close resemblance to Colonel Cortez and his right hand man Gonzales. In GTA Vice City, Cortez was forced to leave the city after running into problems with the French, and his no.2 Gonzales was killed during the mission “Treacherous Swine”. This means that – if these two characters are definitely who

GTA: Vice City Stories Boxart Released

R* have just released the boxart for Vice City Stories, see below. Observations: I’m pretty sure the guy on the left is Umberto Robina (Cuban leader) and I’m also sure the guy at the top is not Mitch Baker (that’s not to say he won’t be in the game, however). Also, judging by the colourful clothing etc. I think it’s safe to

Boxart Revealed

US retailer Walmart have revealed what appears to be the official packshot for Liberty City Stories. Also note the game’s “Mature 17+” rating (on the Walmart site, that is). The update was discovered by TheDude5000.

San Andreas PC on DVD?

Squiddy over at GTAReactor sent in word that Take2’s site has updated their San Andreas PC pages with proper pics of the box art (rather than the PS2 boxes from before). This in itself is hardly surprising as the PC version isn’t far off. What is interesting, however, is that boxes indicate that it’s a DVD-ROM. The DVD logo is rather obvious