Snap Saturday: The Truth is Out There

Welcome to Snap Saturday, GTANet’s ode to the virtual photography community who continue to capture some amazingly creative shots across GTA and Red Dead.

For years now, citizens of San Andreas have been trying to decipher one of the state’s biggest mysteries: The inscriptions left at the top of Mount Chiliad.
Alleged evidence of aliens and UFO’s appearing at certain times of the night, a supposed (allegedly…) secret base under the mountain, a beast-like creature that runs around Los Santos at random times, tattoo artists around the state designing some alien-themed ink that is speculated to have subliminal messaging, and many, many more things that have left everyone scratching their heads.

New reports have surfaced on the Los Santos Meteor of brand-new alien and UFO sightings, once again, near Mount Chiliad… We’re not sure of the veracity of these reports, but this week, we’ll be showing off what some citizens allegedly (and only allegedly) found. Photoshop? Snapmatic filters or LifeInvader fakes? Who knows?

Apparently, the truth is out there starting yesterday, in GTA Online. Enjoy.

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They’re watching. 👽