Community Spotlight: Chain Game & DYOM Featured by GamesRadar

My own Easter Egg in the Chain Game as it celebrated 100 Rounds back in 2018!

As we approach the 20th anniversary of GTA III (it’s tomorrow, in fact!), the community has been sweating in anticipation for the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition to be revealed. We’re still not sure when that might be exactly, but it should be very soon. As we try to bide our time until then, the media is also celebrating the original games’ releases by cranking up the nostalgia, and Features Writer Joe Donnelly of GamesRadar has kindly featured two communities that have been pillars of GTAForums over the years: the GTA Chain Game, and the Design Your Own Mission (DYOM) modding community.

>> Meet the GTA 3 players who’ve spent a decade playing pass-the-pad to 100% the game <<

>> Meet the GTA: San Andreas mission-making community who has built an MCU-style multiverse <<

Both of these articles feature a run down of each communities’ history, showing their dedication to the scene and highlights just how important they remain today as places for fans to come together and collaborate. There’s also interviews with key contributors including GTAKid667 (Chain Game Chief and GTAForums Moderator), thehambone, Target13 and RithRake24.

Have yourself a read and support the tweets below, and if you like what you see, you’re most welcome to join in and take part yourself. It’s lovely to see long-standing communities such as these recognised; I’m personally looking forward to seeing how they can continue to flourish once the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition arrives.