Snap Saturday: The Moon

Welcome to Snap Saturday, GTANet’s ode to the virtual photography community who continue to capture some amazingly creative shots across GTA and Red Dead.

The Moon – one of the celestial bodies that gives light to our nights, the satellite where Neil Armstrong and his crew set foot on in 1969 in the Apollo 11 mission. It has a series of deities attached to it, a lot of astrological meaning depending on its phases, and is the eighteenth Major Arcana in most traditional Tarot decks – it’s said it “illuminates our animal nature.”

A lot could be said about the Moon in its several significances, whether you believe them or not, as it’s such a powerful entity in most cultures – but this time, we’re highlighting its appearance and beauty in both GTA and Red Dead, shown towards lush landscapes, some action, or perhaps even a couple of animals. Enjoy.

Post your photos on GTAForums or use the #GTAOnline / #RedDeadOnline / #RedDeadRedemption2 hashtags on Twitter and you might see your efforts highlighted in future GTANet Snap Saturdays!

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