San Fierro Update & New Trailer!

The official site has been updated with new screnshots, videos and audio clips of San Fierro. Be sure to check it out!

Also, check out the brand new trailer (Which also contains Las Venturas footage!):

Check out the rest of the screenshots here!

Also note that there are two “Fallen Trees” on the map, at the areas connecting Los Santos to San Fierro. Perhaps this is what prevents us from travelling to San Fierro at the beginning of the game? Likely.


Angel Pine lies at the foot of Mt. Chilliad – popular for sports such as mountain biking, and “wearing expensive oudoor clothing”.


America’s favourite gun store sinced 1962, and famous for its try-it-before-you-buy-it offer. Remember, guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.

Rest Stop

Yes.. its a rest stop. For resting.

Mount Chilliad

The highest mountain in the whole state. Popular with people who want to get high. Really high.


This area is riddled with marijuana farms.


Docklands and bay area has become home to many vietnamese gangs, including the Da Nang boys.

Dry Dock

Dry docking facilities are useful for docking boats that don’t like to get wet.

Import/Export Ship

San Fierro docks have long be used as a major smuggling route in the US. Overun with criminals, gangsters and corruption. Believed to be a major entry point for drugs, illegal immigrants and weapons.

Xoomer Gas Station

Need gas? Xoomer Gas Station is the place to go.

Dan Nang Boys

Extremely violent, currently at war with chinese Triad gangs. Major interests in Protection.

Aircraft Carrier

Government vessel full of sailors.


An old industrial area, currently under re-development.

Abandoned Garage

This part of town is full of run down businesses and failed services. Now full of drug dealers, hookers and pimps.

Cranberry Station

Providing easy travel around the state.

Transfender Swap Shop

Popular with people who, erm, buy a car and then like to change that car.

Wang Cars Showroom

Wang sells nothing but the best cars!

Pay n’ Spray

America’s favourite pay n’ spray shop since 1974. Apparently popular with criminals re-spraying stolen vehicles.


Controlled by the San Fierro Rifa, and believed to have become a major hub in the international drugs trade.

Cobra Martial Arts Dojo

Learn new fighting techniques.

San Fierro Rifa

A hispanic street gang – dislike mexican gangs in Los Santos. Possible involvment in cocaine trade.

Zero’s RC Shop

Operated by Zero, aka the dork. Claims it isnt a toy shop, although he sells 1/10th scale replicas of reality.


Home of the Sixty-Niners!


Hippie paradise!


Small food vendor, operated by Alex, who apparently used to be a mechanic, working with organised crime in Vice City. Friends with hippies. The Boatyard boy, perhaps?


Just hope you got insurance!


Upscale business and surrounding the financial district.

Windy windy windy windy street

A windy street, great for tourists, besides that, pointless.

Valet Parking Lot

The ultimate american dream – get somebody else to park your car! CJ can earn money through this mini-game.

Big Pointy Building

A pointy building, making a rude gesture. Keep it away from children.


A good place to buy your clothes…. if you can’t afford anything nice.

Gant bridge visitor center

It’s a really big bridge. And it looks very nice. Therefore you should come to our visitor center!

Jizzy’s Pleasure domes

The best alce for adult entertainment.


Popular with asian gangs involved in smuggling operations.


The residential district, famous for its steep hills.