Minor details emerge

Games Radar have posted a new article focusing on the rural areas of San Andreas, and although most of it was already known, there were a few ‘minor’ details that we hadn’t heard of.

..this one involves the troubled Los Santos native assassinating an informer and having to take photos as evidence (any pics you take during the game can be viewed as an in-game gallery).

I wasn’t too sure about this one. It could mean that we can store photos from anywhere, at any point during the entire game, and view them whenever we like, or it could only be for that one particular mission. I’m investigating at the moment.

We also discovered that the first countryside mission is titled “Lure”. Read more about the mission here.

Keep an eye on the official site, as we could be seeing a San Fierro update tonight. Although, I can’t confirm anything, it’s a strong possibility. Want to discuss? Head over to PlanetGTA and join their friday chat session, for discussion on all the latest happenings in the GTA scene.

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