Rockstar releases details and screens for GTA Online Gunrunning Update

Rockstar this evening teased some details of the very much anticipated Gunrunning Update which was first announced 2 months ago.

The “massive” weapons focused updated is slated to drop in June, most likely during the beginning of the month, giving the GTA Online subforum a few more weeks of hype to endure! What sounds to be an extension for CEO organisations and Biker MCs, the Gunrunning Update allows players to purchase underground bunkers where highly specialised and military level weaponry, included weaponised vehicles, can be stored. Part of the business itself involves selling on these weapons and vehicles, much like Import/Export or Special Vehicle Work, though we’ll of course get to enjoy the fruits of our labours just as much as the dodgy buyers on the other end of the deal. There’s also a drool-inducing mention of “new weapon upgrades and deep customization”.

Rockstar shared 6 screenshots teasing some of the new vehicles available, including the below anti-aircraft missile launcher.

There’s not many specifics other than this, such as prices, but Rockstar encourages us to stay tuned for more details to come. We’re not quite sure if that means there’ll be another preview article to come on the Newswire before the update actually drops, but we’re imagining that a trailer will also accompany one at some point over the next week or two.

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