Rockstar Joins Cause to Help Save UK Videogame Museum

Yesterday, through their Twitter feed, we learned that Rockstar recently joined the cause to help a videogame museum that’s fighting to say open due to the impact of COVID-19.

The National Videogame Museum, located in Sheffield in the UK, is a museum entirely dedicated to celebrating our beloved virtual worlds, with hands-on exhibits, workshops and educational programmes for budding young videogame creators.

Like many across the globe right now, the NVM has had to close it’s doors completely due to the pandemic, cutting off all of its funding from visitors. It set up a campaign last month to raise funds for it’s safety, with a goal of £80,000.

Thanks to pledges from many of its patrons and donations from the industry, most notably Rockstar Games, they’ve smashed their goal and made £130,000 so far, which will allow them to stay open into the summer!

It’s so important that this unique and wonderful Museum, the only one in the UK dedicated to celebrating the rich and diverse culture of videogames, should be able to continue to excite and educate visitors, whilst hopefully inspiring future generations of talented game makers.

Sam Houser talking to the BGI about the campaign

Rockstar are known for their involvement with charities and this is a really awesome gesture for them to get involved, especially during these uncertain and trying times.

The NVM’s campaign is still running if you’re able to help (no pressure of course) and they’re also putting on a bunch of activities and streams while working from home to keep supporters and kids entertained.

I’ve just sent a small donation on behalf of GTANet. Good luck to the campaign!