Rockstar Confirms 3pm UTC Global Release Time for GTA Trilogy

Following pre-load availability on consoles a few days ago, there has been some confusion regarding the unlock times for release. Timers on PS4/5 were counting down to midnight local time, which the community assumed were correct given this is the most commonly used delivery method for digital games these days.

However, Rockstar have re-affirmed their initially announced intentions of a 10am EST (3pm UTC) global release time via Rockstar Support earlier today to clarify the situation.

Click here to view a countdown with worldwide conversions

Apparently, the PS4/5 timer inaccuracy is a known issue – this will either be fixed by Sony following this admission, or will simply reset itself once it hits midnight local time for each region.

If you have pre-ordered, you can pre-load the games now on Xbox, Playstation and Switch consoles. There is no pre-load for PC, meaning it will unlock for download at the release time. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also pre-load San Andreas.

Rockstar Support article 👉