Gifts of GTA Gifs from Giphy: Trilogy Edition

Rockstar have updated their official Giphy page with a plethora of GTA Trilogy related gifs and stickers. This drop offers our first glimpse at some of the most iconic scenes and one-liners from the games as we edge closer to release on Thursday.

The community has been quick to analyse frame by frame, of course. We have tweeted out some significant changes on our Twitter, whilst the rest is underway in the appropriate topics on GTAForums: click for III, VC and SA.

One of the most interesting things, however, is from the HUD stickers collection. As first noted by GTASeriesVideos, the skateboard and jetpack from San Andreas are previously unused icons, and the hockey stick and cell phone for GTA III have been taken from Liberty City Stories. This doesn’t necessarily confirm new or beta content is being added to the games (as the SA icons were also remastered but unused in previous ports), but it is a possibility given their appearance. We shall soon find out… Update: these HUD stickers have since been removed, so possibly just an oversight from the collection of remastered assets.

Check ’em all out on Giphy and enjoy!